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HealthView Services uses actuarial longevity data to make custom long-term care (LTC) projections to power our Long-Term Care Tool

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Long-Term Care Highlights

Projecting LTC Expenses

Client costs can be wide ranging, depending on factors including metro area, care setting, health status, current age, and gender

The Need For Awareness

75% of healthy 65-year-old couples will require LTC at some point, so proper planning is needed. Due to LTC inflation, future costs for middle-age clients may be especially high

Data-Driven Services

HealthView Services utilizes actuarial longevity data to make custom LTC projections, utilizing multiple LTC cost data sources and considering factors including likelihood of care and length of stay.

Clients Demand Action

Fortunately, financial professionals can address these costs with off-the-shelf products, including insurance and riders.

Check out HealthView’s quick and easy LTC app that addresses this critical issue.