HealthView Services

Customized Healthcare Cost Solutions and Data with HealthView Services

HealthView Services works with Fortune 500 companies to build customized retirement planning solutions. Thirty-four million participants have access to our data through various institutions.

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Why HealthView?

Several large institutions utilize HealthView Services – the leading provider of healthcare data – to create comprehensive financial plans in response to the healthcare cost crisis. Through out-of-the-box product delivery, integrated solutions, APIs, and through leadership, HealthView equips partners with tools, support, and knowledge to engage clients in meaningful healthcare planning conversations.

How Our Data Works

530 Million Actuary-Backed Claims Cases
Minimum Required Inputs: Gender, Current Age, Health
Data Maintenance: Annual and/or with Legislative Updates
Proprietary Medical Costs Algorithms (Patented Process)

HealthView Portal

The HealthView Portal is designed to guide advisors through a simple process that will generate personalized healthcare and long-term care costs. It also calculates an individuals’ Medicare means testing (IRMAA) surcharges and creates social security optimization projections for their clients.