About HealthView Services

About Us

Who We Are

HealthView Services (also referred to as HVS) is the nation’s leading producer of healthcare cost-projection software. The suite of applications – which covers Medicare premiums, out-of-pocket expenditures, long-term care expenses, and Social Security optimization strategies — aligns with the firm’s principal objective: to integrate healthcare costs into all financial plans. HealthView has also emerged as a thought leader in this evolving domain and produced substantial educational content on the importance of addressing future medical expenses in retirement plans.

Our Data

HealthView evaluates 530 million data points taken directly from medical claims. Cost analyses are not based on conjecture or estimation, but empirical evidence, which ensures the most comprehensive and precise calculations possible. HVS also continuously monitors all legislative and actuarial decisions that could impact healthcare and Medicare costs (at both the federal and state levels), so our clients consistently receive accurate adjustments to their data.

Our Clients

While HealthView’s software is utilized by large financial institutions, individual advisors who understand the value-add of healthcare cost projections in retirement planning can also greatly benefit from our firm’s applications. Advisors can sign up for yearly access to our hallmark system, HVS Portal, which includes health care cost projection, long-term care projection, and Social Security optimization features. Advisors also have access to extensive marketing materials.