Retail Products

Retail Products

HealthView Services offers a variety of out-of-the-box planning platforms for both financial professionals and consumers. While each application serves a unique purpose, all are built around HealthView’s proprietary, patented health cost projection processes. Applications may be mobile or desktop, and are designed with ease-of-use and optimal user experience in mind.

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HealthView Portal

The HealthView Portal is designed to guide advisors through a simple process that will generate personalized healthcare and long-term care costs. It also calculates an individuals’ Medicare means testing (IRMAA) surcharges and creates social security optimization projections for their clients.

Financial professionals input basic client details, such as date of birth, gender, health, income range, and state of residence (in retirement) to produce detailed and actionable results.


TITAN is a groundbreaking financial-planning application that focuses on retirement withdrawal strategies that can minimize the impact of taxes and Medicare IRMAA surcharges. The CPA-approved approach prioritizes product withdrawals based on their capacity to reduce tax exposure from investment income.

The tool also allows users to run unlimited scenarios to generate the optimal, personalized, long-term investment solutions to maintain financial stability through retirement.


HealthyCapital is a physical and financial wellness application that illustrates how small, achievable behavioral changes can reduce out-of-pocket medical expenses and increase life expectancy.

The application also shows users how to direct annual healthcare savings into stable investment vehicles, which can generate substantial long-term savings, supplement retirement income, and reduce the burden of future healthcare costs.

Virtual coaches, wearable integration, challenges, gamification, and more is included in this comprehensive and holistic wellness approach.