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“Falling Medicare Costs and a Big Social Security COLA? Don’t Get Too Excited”

“The changes to COLAs and Medicare premiums in 2023 present an opportunity for advisors to engage with clients to provide value-added insight and perspective.”

“Medicare Premiums and Social Security COLAs”

“Retirement planning is not about one year of expenses or returns, but ensuring needs can be met through retirement.”

“Millennials Will See Major Cuts in Social Security. Here’s How Big.”

“It’s more likely that the brunt of future benefit cuts will fall on those millennial-aged and below, who have more time to plan around possible reductions.”

“What millennials should expect from Social Security”

“A projected 20% benefit cut in 2035 could significantly reduce lifetime income for younger workers.”

“Save for health care costs in retirement? Won’t Medicare take care of that?”

“7 reasons why health care cost needs to be incorporated into retirement planning.”

“Inflation is impacting health-care costs in retirement. Here’s how to fight it”

“If health-care costs grow at 2% above consumer inflation, a healthy 55-year-old couple could face $267,000 in additional medical costs.”

“Covid highlights need for long-term care planning”

While the pandemic undermined Americans’ confidence in nursing homes and home care is preferred, its cost could exceed that of a nursing home.

“Will You Really Need Long-Term Care? The Odds Are Higher Than You Might Think”

Some people die without needing any care in older age, while others need assistance for years.

“What Are the Odds Your Client Will Need Long-Term Care?”

For an average healthy 65-year-old couple, there’s a 75% chance that one partner will require LTC, according to HealthView Services.

“Addressing women’s longevity gap”

Advisers can help couples prepare today for survivorship and health care costs.

“48% of Retirees Aren’t Tracking This Major Retirement Expense”

Overlooking this area of your budget leaves you vulnerable to financial surprises.

“Nearing Retirement: You Are In The Financial Red Zone”

There are some key financial strategies and steps that you can take now which will hopefully push you into the other category.

“How Much Retirement Savings Is Enough? Why Couples May Disagree”

Women have good reason to be more anxious about the size of a nest egg.

“How HSAs Can Help Boost Employee Productivity and Retirement Readiness”

how an investment-focused HSA can relieve employees’ stress about future finances, as well as help them save for future medical expenses.

“This could be the most important retirement savings vehicle for 2020”

Why you should consider health savings accounts.

“Why This Investment Account Is Key For Longevity Planning”

Women in their 40s and 50s will be faced with a big decision this open enrollment period for benefits and it is one on which they need to take the long view.

“Women’s Health Care Costs in Retirement Projected to be $200,000 More than Men’s”

Health care costs are a major expense during the Women’s Longevity Gap, according to recent data from HealthView Services.

“The Triple-Tax Savings of Health Savings Accounts”

HealthView Services issues report highlighting the importance of saving for health care costs in retirement.

“Medicare Can Be Confusing”

6 of your top questions, answered. The New York Times asked readers to send in their queries.

“One Surprising Habit That Could Help You Retire $100,000 Richer”

Raise your hand if you follow doctor’s orders to a T. Not quite? How about if we told you that there’s real money in it…

“Following your doctor’s orders can save you nearly $90,000”

A recent report from HealthyCapital showed that properly managing a chronic illness could save you thousands…

“New tool helps advisers estimate health care costs”

Data analysis can illustrate how healthy behavior increases longevity and reduces retirement expenses.

“Mercy and HealthView Services launch HealthyCapital, a joint venture focused on healthy behaviors”

HealthyCapital utilizes data to help individuals and employers reduce healthcare costs.

“U.S. Couples Retiring At 65 Will Pay $387K In Medical Costs, Report Says”

A healthy 65-year-old couple retiring this year can expect to pay $387,644 in lifetime health-care costs in today’s dollars.

“Medicare Surcharges: The Impact of Indexing IRMAA Brackets to Inflation”

This is the first time since 2010 that surcharge brackets for Medicare premiums will be adjusted for inflation.

“4 Expenses That Can Eat Into Your Retirement Savings”

Many people expect their overall living costs to go down in retirement, but in reality, there’s a good chance yours will mostly stay the same.

“3 Reasons To Start Saving For Retirement Now”

Changes in the way Americans have historically made it through retirement make saving more important than ever.

“Early Retirees, Manage Income to Snare a Health Insurance Subsidy”

This is the first time since 2010 that surcharge brackets for Medicare premiums will be adjusted for inflation.

“U.S. retirees to get welcome bump in Social Security benefits”

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Come January, most U.S. retirees will get some welcome news when they check their bank accounts…

“Projected retiree health care costs rising at faster rate than Social Security COLA”

Why your employees and clients must consider future health care cost increases in their retirement saving.

“Medicare isn’t enough for retirees — here’s how much extra coverage costs in every state, ranked”

The cost of Medigap plans can be overlooked when saving for retirement.

“Recent Changes to Social Security & Medicare Will Collectively Have a Significant Financial Impact in Retirement, Continue Trend of Retirees Paying More & Receiving Fewer Benefits”

“Retirement concerns: Health care costs, Social Security have Baby Boomers worried most”

Though many workers look forward to retirement and the opportunity to break free from the daily grind, it’s also a worrisome prospect…