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HealthView’s PlanCompare App allows health plan participants to make informed decisions about their healthcare coverage.

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PlanCompare App Highlights

Making Informed Decisions

Workers typically have access to multiple employer-sponsored health insurance plans, but it’s hard to tell which plan is best for them, and their family

Adding It All Up

Deductibles, premiums, and other elements of the plan options can be confusing, and adding up potential costs is nearly impossible, so participants often make uninformed decisions and spend more on premiums (and related health costs) than they need to

Personalized Projections

The PlanCompare application takes into account age, gender, health, family, state and more to project personalized, actuary-backed out-of-pocket costs for this year, and future years, based on coverage options

Helping Plan Participants

This empowers individuals to make smarter decisions when it comes to their health, and helps them save money by choosing the plan that’s truly best for them

Plan participants can input relevant personal and family information into the application which calculates the best option based on individual needs. Variables include – but not be limited to – age, gender, health status, family-health status, and state of residence.

Outputs project actuary-backed, personalized out-of-pocket costs for both the present and future based on coverage selection. Children can also be added with health expenses adjusted for age.