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Health Savings Account Highlights

Putting HSA participants in the drivers seat

Utilizing personalized, actuarial health cost projection data, HealthView’s “To&To” application shows participants how increasing contributions, hanging on to savings, and investing in their HSA can help fund pre-retirement and in-retirement healthcare costs tax-free.

Teaching the 93% about HSA investing

Only 7% of HSA owners invest their assets1, so this application focuses on how HSAs can generate an annual return and add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings at retirement.


Giving participants foresight into retirement healthcare planning

Preparing for retirement healthcare costs can be challenging. That’s why our solution provides education on the various cost components of retirement healthcare, personalized cost and longevity data (actuary-backed), and adjustable illustrations of HSA funding solutions.

Reminding them that when it comes to HSAs, more now = more later

Participants should be reminded that when it comes to their HSA, there is no use it or lose it. Maximizing contributions within federal limits helps best prepare Americans for future healthcare costs. Even those who can’t afford to reach these limits can see how more moderate contribution increases still have a significant impact on future cost funding.

Higher HSA awareness can lead to an increase in HDHP participation, HSA contribution rates, and AUM for your firm. Our next-generation platform, To&To, illustrates how employees can fund pre-retirement and in-retirement healthcare expenses by utilizing personalized, actuarial data to customize projections.

To&To can link directly to retirement-account management platforms, allowing users to increase contributions in minutes. Similar retirement-plan solutions have resulted in a 20% average boost in participant deferrals.