Download “2018 Retirement Health Care Costs Data Report”


HealthView Services’ 2018 Retirement HealthCare Costs Data Report shows retiree healthcare expenses will rise at an average annual rate of 4.22% for the foreseeable future – higher than US Inflation but lower than past projections. As this Report details, a number of factors are leading to the slowing of healthcare cost inflation, but rising costs are still a chief retirement concern for many, and financial solutions to the growing health cost crisis must be considered.

Key to this Report is the ongoing series of changes impacting healthcare cost spending for retirees. Particularly in relation to prescription drugs, new trends are causing lower projected inflation rates on health spending during Medicare years, and sections are devoted to exhaustively examining these crucial topics.

As done in past reports, this paper details a multitude of cost projection scenarios for various ages and circumstances to help future retirees gauge their impending healthcare cost spend as their working years wind down.