Improving Health.
Increasing Wealth.

A unique wellness app that measures how behaviors impact healthcare costs, giving participants the opportunity to save money through improved condition management.

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HealthyCapital helps employees reduce healthcare costs by illustrating the financial benefits of positive lifestyle changes. The additional disposable income (from reduced medical expenses) can then be dedicated to short- or long-term personal goals – whether it’s a new car, a vacation, or a more comfortable retirement.

HealthyCapital can help organizations stand out with its newest, cutting-edge offering – an unparalleled wellness program that effectively integrates personal health and financial wealth into one simple methodology, which can reduce healthcare costs for all stakeholders.

Our approach provides:

  • A one-stop shop for health and wealth improvements
    • A key differentiator in the marketplace
  • Plan-sponsors with access to an administrative dashboard
    • Includes an accurate profile of all participants’ healthcare claims data
  • A selling vehicle for health savings accounts (HSAs)
  • A revenue-sharing opportunity

Through HealthyCapital’s wellness initiatives and financial education, institutions can help plan participants invest the savings (gained from improved health) into products that can be used to offset current and future medical expenses.

HealthyCapital can help companies stand out as client-focused and technologically savvy by reducing medical-related expenditures. The program also allows employees to increase their investment contributions with one simple click, so they can feel personally responsible for creating a healthier and more financially stable retirement.

Our approach provides:

  • An opportunity to increase assets under management
  • Greater participation and contributions
  • A path for individuals to lower their healthcare costs
    • All (or some) of those savings can be allocated to their investment plans
  • More traffic to a financial institution’s portal
    • There is a direct connection between the app and the portal, so individuals can increase contributions quickly, easily, and at their convenience
  • Increased market penetration
    • This unique program appeals to existing and prospective plan sponsors, which will elevate participating institutions within the marketplace.
  • A revenue-sharing opportunity

Anyone can use HealthyCapital, but the application primarily focuses on individuals with one or more of the most prevalent and expensive health conditions because their success measurably reduces health-related expenditures. This approach offers a unique advantage for health plans and their members.

HealthyCapital can help companies stand out as client-focused and technologically savvy – and the value will become evident as users begin to pass the cost-savings on to their own participating firms.

Our approach provides:

  • A reduction in claims expenditures for member populations
  • A decrease in healthcare utilization and costs for all stakeholders
  • Support for plan-sponsors with additional tools and capabilities aimed at improving healthcare outcomes
    • Unique benefits new to the marketplace
    • Increased client retention
  • Plan sponsors with a profile of their participant base
    • Monitors number of diabetics, tobacco users, etc.
    • Aligns benefit plans to evolving healthcare needs
    • Incentivizes the adoption of behaviors that reduce risk factors and improve general health
  • A revenue-sharing opportunity

Wellness programs offer a host of benefits: however, most do not include one key motivator: a real opportunity to save money. Adding HealthyCapital’s financial wellness component (seamlessly via API) to existing products and services is a critical differentiator that will help users exceed organizational goals and reach new levels of achievement.

With the current emphasis on financial wellness throughout the wellness program industry, HealthyCapital is the optimal place to start. Created in part by HealthView Services, the leading provider of retirement healthcare data to financial-service firms, HealthyCapital has the background and expertise to add an effective, interactive, and personalized financial experience to any organization’s current platform.

Our approach provides:

  • A unique differentiator into any current program
    • An out-of-the-box API that offers a simple solution to financial wellness integration
  • The ability to utilize the leading provider of healthcare data to:
    • Provide accurate healthcare cost information to individuals
    • Illustrate and project how healthy behaviors increase savings and life-expectancy


Participants have the potential to add thousands to their annual savings, tens (or hundreds) of thousands to their retirement funds, and years to their life expectancy; this can be a strong motivator for participants to adopt small, simple behavior changes (such as lowering salt intake or taking medication as directed).


Projections help users make informed decisions about how to prepare for future healthcare costs and how much income will be required to maintain their desired lifestyle through retirement. In addition, the app shows how living healthier translates into substantial savings that can be invested to bridge potential retirement income gaps.

Building Blocks of Building Financial Wellness


Unlike current wellness programs, HealthyCapital’s distinct financial-planning features offer users access to investment advice, personalized healthcare cost projections, and potential gaps in retirement budgets. The app also includes a direct connection to employer-sponsored accounts – such as a 401(k) or HSA – so that users can easily increase their contributions and monitor progress.


The app primarily focuses on individuals with the most prevalent and costly health issues, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Attaching a monetary value to simple lifestyle changes – such as following a diabetic diet or gardening a few times a week – creates a dramatic impact on those who have been diagnosed with a chronic condition. Also, the app motivates users without pre-existing conditions to help them maintain good health by creating personal goals and joining health-based challenges.


The program’s multi-faceted approach utilizes an AI health coach, financial coach, tracking (through connected wearables, devices, and apps), personal goals, open challenges, and social interaction to engage and motivate users.


Whether connected through a wearable, device, app, or manual inputs, the program helps individuals track:






Data Aggregation Dashboard

HealthyCapital offers plan sponsors access to an administrative dashboard that tracks participant usage and performance over time. Trends and critical information can be viewed in the form of graphs, charts, and tables detailing trends and improvements associated with participation in the HealthyCapital program. Administrators can utilize this information to make adjustments that will keep their wellness programs dynamic, effective, and rewarding.