HealthyCapital is a physical and financial wellness application that illustrates how small, achievable behavioral changes can reduce out-of-pocket medical expenses and increase life expectancy.
The application also shows users how to direct annual healthcare savings into stable investment vehicles, which can generate substantial long-term savings, supplement retirement income, and reduce the burden of future healthcare costs.
Virtual coaches, wearable integration, challenges, gamification, and more is included in this comprehensive and holistic wellness approach.

Key Features

Detailed health profile with conditions, lifestyle, genetics, and more
Actuarial costs and longevity projections unique to each client
Personalized modifications adjust to user’s progress
Financial impact of improved health (unique value-add)

Potential Benefits Include:

  • Lower healthcare costs and increased longevity
  • Opportunities to invest annual savings and prepare for retirement
  • Significant savings for self-insured firms
  • Improved morale, reduced sick days, and increased productivity